Visit to Green Mountain Spinnery

This past weekend I took a day trip down to southern Vermont for a baby shower, I took a little detour on the way and visited Green Mountain Spinnery. The mill and yarn shop is located in Putney, VT and uses antique machinery in each step of their spinning process. There is a lovely sheep-y smell when you walk in the door accompanied by the sight of brightly colored skeins lining the walls of the yarn shop. Once in the mill little tufts of wool float around the floor as you move through the space and much of the machinery is lightly coated with wool fuzz. On this particular day it was a purple/pink fuzz that looked very much like cotton candy (the pictures don't quite do it justice). The spinnery was not operating when I was there (it was a Saturday) so I was able to look closely at the machinery and spend some time taking pictures. Here are a few:


And of course I had to pick up a few souvenirs. I bought some of their Maine Organic yarn and quite a few skeins of their "odd yarns" to do some dye practice this summer. I made one other stop for some baskets. All my treasures are pictured below.

All in all, it was quite a nice day filled with so many things I love: A spring drive through the green mountains (catching up on Woolful episodes), Green Mountain Spinnery yarns, woven baskets, and a baby shower for a  lovely lady!